Mobile tempered glass protection film has what purposes?

Mobile tempered glass protection film has what purposes? Appeared early in the smartphone, people often encounter a problem, the smart phone's screen can easily be scratched. Over time, the smart phone's screen is becoming increasingly blurred. Many smart phones, bought not long functionality and performance is also good, but because the phone screen, no longer enjoy using such a mobile phone. If you replace the phone screen, the costs it takes is high. This time, there is a protective film on the glass phone to solve such a problem.

Mobile tempered glass protection film is attached to a smart phone screen transparent film. As technology continues to increase, the type of phone tempered glass protective film is also increasing. In people's daily life, like most mobile phone protective film or the original mobile phone film, the size just right, appearance is more beautiful. People often ask phone use tempered glass protective film are what it?
A strong scratch, abrasion 9H (best other quality film, its wear-resistant grade only 3H, does not take too long, you have to be replaced. Such films that use a utility knife or weapon does not produce scratch marks in the above use a long time.), explosion-proof screen, drop, anti-glare, anti-radiation, anti-oil, water

Second, the high sensitivity touch screen up to 98% light transmission electron waves can prevent harm to the human body.
Third, the picture clear, highlighting the three-dimensional, improve visual effects

Fourth, the prolonged use of eye fatigue, and better protect their eyesight. Does not affect the use of other mobile phone accessories.
Five, repeatable paste, without leaving any traces, does not corrode the surface. Non-professionals can easily free fit.
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