Market demand for glass screen protention

Tempered glass screen protection  is a new material, light transmission rate of up to 98%, can restore the screen colors, while specific adsorption layer to best protect the screen. Because of frequent bombings phones, glass film also sexually explicit, became the hot product, there Iphone4, Iphone4S, Samsung, IPAD and other types of glass membrane.
"If the film is not afraid to have a cell phone plan, not afraid of oil, you can paste Shang Hao repeatedly torn like best how to hit not bad, but also reflects the flexibility." Phone protection film market since its expectation that people will more and more, and some even plan to upgrade to avoid the screen is a screen proof from the beginning. Tempered glass membrane humane treatment, special protection to the mobile phone screen, but also allow the mobile phone explosion function film has attracted a lot of consumers.
iphone5 / 5c / 5s-proof glass film

The glass membrane properties is concerned, it is not only resistant to the blade, nail scratches, and even drill can calmly, face hot explosion hazards caused by mobile phone, it is has a "proof" function, tempered glass membrane in addition to the above aspects done, still easy to install, anti-oil, light, reflecting the flexibility also has a good performance, whether it is Apple, IPAD or Samsung, touch feel and no film feel almost no difference.

超薄高透 苹果Ipad贴膜领导者

Apple Ipad high permeability thin film leader

For proof glass membrane function, some experts believe that the mobile phone is usually caused by a battery explosion, circuits, components reasons, tempered glass membrane can improve the surface hardness of the phone screen, and draw on the screen is a little play when fall protection, However, if the claim to prevent the explosion seemed reluctant. "The screen is the most vulnerable place the phone, we have developed glass film material when its material, hardness, thickness, transparency and the ability to do a lot of reflecting experiments and compare the experimental results show that the steel used glass membrane cell phone has a protective role in the explosion-proof areas. "explosion proof glass film greatly to meet the consumer demand, this year's frequent bombings began to catch on.
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