Graphene phone sticker will be available to cool and radiation protection

Graphene is a very frontier of materials, graphene day-to-day work of the application is to do the most of electronic products such as mobile phones, tablet press, its biggest advantage is to reduce the temperature of the when using.

The company is mainly engaged in heat dissipation is given priority to with graphite and graphene, radiation protection and new materials research and development and production of the new electronic products sticker with functions of cooling, radiation protection, etc.

The relevant person in charge of the company told reporters that the graphene films ultra high coefficient of thermal conductivity can make cool electronic products by 5 ℃ to 15 ℃, and ultra fast cooling speed from point to surface heat dissipation, reduce the chip temperature quickly, can delay the battery life. Product USES the hyperfine absorbing metal mesh and new nano solid surface coating technology, more can effectively block 97% of electromagnetic radiation, and very suitable for expectant mothers often use electronic products. In addition, the surface of the paster safety at the grass-roots level also explosion-proof effectively, greatly reduce the security hidden danger of battery.

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