Toughened glass film can really so cheap?

Toughened glass film can really so cheap?


Now on the market of toughened glass film can be said to be full of beautiful things in eyes, price is also from a few dollars to several dozens yuan.That why should we choose the price is high, where isn't cheap is bad, what difference between them?With these questions, let little I now take you fast travel in toughened glass membrane of sky.

About the production process

There are mainly eight areas: article points ─ ─ CNC molding, ultrasonic cleaning air, sweep edge (arc) - tempered furnace toughened (not less than 4 hours) - process (fingerprint resistant oil/blue/resisting refraction processing) - joint (AB glue joint processing) - quality - out of the finished product

The above link, basic no special difference because of technology, production process, then can decide toughened glass membrane is the key material, quality and price of glass raw materials, AB glue coating raw materials and process.

About the glass material

Because of the high requirement on thickness of toughened glass membrane is very, so for now there is no glass, with a less known and inferior brand from raw materials, are all brand goods.But the brand is of high and low points, can be seen from the glass quality of high and low.On the market with more brands are: the United States of corning & Germany short;Japan's asahi glass (AGC), plate glass;China, south bo luo bo.

Common glass raw material for sodium calcium, belong to the conventional non precision glass, relatively poor flexibility, and high-end of the corning/Germany short glass raw material for high aluminum silicon, belong to the precision optical glass, flexibility is very good.

Characteristic difference: the flexibility of common glass is relatively poor, not directly into the thickness of 0.15 mm, must pass a sulfuric acid and CNC grinding process, so as to achieve the required thickness, such products anti explosion is relatively poor, fragile.

And the corning/Germany short precision glass, due to the flexibility is very good, can directly do the thickness of 0.15 mm, flexible to be folded in half and resistance to beat, is the strongest performance 9 h hardness!

The naked eye to distinguish: look from flank, ordinary tempered glass membrane for cyan, hereinafter referred to as "green bo", and the United States corning/Germany short tempered glass membrane is colorless.

Regarding the AB glue coating

What is the AB glue?Because of toughened glass membrane is not like ordinary plastic protective film can be electrostatic adsorption on the phone's screen, with a thin layer of flexible two-side glue stick on the glass membrane layer, the layer is thin thin flexible double-sided adhesive is called AB glue.

Brand in general have AB glue, NIPPA/nipah (Japan), Japan (Japan), TMS (South Korea), and so on.The stand or fall of AB glue used directly decide toughened glass film laminating effect and exhaust effect.Nipah, Oriental and other major brand of AB glue will appear a certain probability of bad, not to mention the "wait" sign.

AB glue coating technology will also decide the paster adsorption speed and joint degree, common with hand and machine, it is obvious that machine spray adhesive more even, imagine an uneven coating glass membrane, adsorption on a mobile phone, you feel to want a phone?!

Macroscopic identify: try to stick, contrast adsorption speed automatically.

About the fingerprint resistance, resistance to blu-ray, refraction

Toughened glass membrane is not completely eliminate the generation of fingerprints, that is, industry of fingerprint is not established.Concrete to say the quality excellent toughened glass membrane can reduce residues on the membranes of the fingerprint on the glass.Its method is in toughened glass membrane surface with a layer of oil fingerprints, and the oil layer fingerprint proof coating membrane surface steel has also can guarantee under the condition of the stain can be easily removed.

About the fingerprint oil processing technology, is divided into high and low, some businesses for the sake of cost will just skip this section.Often fight blu-ray and fight refraction process also will be affected by the same treatment.

About whether toughened glass membrane can really prevent break the phone's screen

This should be the focus of many people concerned about and choose.There is no doubt that the answer is: YES.Toughened glass membrane can reduce the impact to the injury of the mobile phone, different products have different protective effect, but the protection is also have certain scope.For if your cell phone, dropped from 1 to 2 meters, toughened glass film can absorb damage, protect your phone screen is not broken.But if the phone fell down from the 30 floor, that is ha ha...

Small I finally know why some toughened glass membrane is very cheap

1, material shoddy;

2, on craft to cut corners.

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