Mobile glass membrane flat edge difference between the arc edge

Tempered glass membrane flat side edge What is the difference with the arc?

First, we must be clear that flat side edge tempered glass membrane and arcs on the overall performance of the film is exactly the same, the difference is only focused on the edge of the membrane.
Flat edge glass membrane edge is a natural right angle, this ordinary film edge is the same, just plain films are usually much thinner, do not feel conspicuous.
Arc edge glass membrane edge is the use of optical scan machine chamfers, so that the edges have a certain arc, feel more smooth.
The difference:
An edge touch: flat steel side feels great film thickness and a little "difficult to handle" arc edge feels smooth and natural.
2, breakage probability: flat edge glass membrane corners easily damaged, arc edge chipping resistance is strong.
3, the visual concept of sense: arc toughened glass side edge of the film in the light more brilliant, more visual experience.
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